Mobile App

Minimalistic Design

Using a minimalistic design methodology and a strict set of rules we have created an interface that is both simple and intuitive to navigate around, allowing you to have an enjoyably smooth experience no matter what device you’re running it on and no matter if you’re using the app online or offline.

Layers Of Security

Security is a big deal, and keeping your data and account information secure is our number one priority. Due to this, the app has been designed with several layers of security to ensure you’re constantly protected. One of these security layers is a 4 digit personal pin code, required each time the a

Designed For Speed

Designed for speed you won’t experience any lag transitioning between pages, this means you can start the app up and have your next unique barcode ready for scanning in under 4 seconds.

Available Offline

By keeping a store of barcodes on your device this enables you to use your device in areas where no network coverage or WIFI is available.


The application is available on the following platforms...